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lgbtqia+ weddings
lgbtqia+ weddings

You’ve spent hours and hours obsessing over every detail of your reception, and with good reason, it’s going to be the party of a lifetime. But take a breather from all that to think about the other half of your big day, your ceremony.

The most important moment of your day and maybe your life ~ we feel that each ceremony should be created with the utmost thought, attention, and love.

Gone are the days of following tradition for tradition’s sake. We welcome new twists on old traditions. It’s your ceremony and it should be done your way. 


  • On site with various location options

  • 1 hour for guest arrival and ceremony in addition to the 5 hour reception time

  • Specialty ceremony décor can be rented from our favorite vendors if desired

gone are the days of following

tradition for traditions sake


Whether your style is larger than life or quietly elegant: we welcome you, your families, and guests to celebrate at the Club. We proudly acknowledge love is love.

lgbtqia+ weddings
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