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Tennis has been a cornerstone of the Club from the very beginning, but it became clear that the Club would have to expand its offerings to keep its membership happy.

In the mid-1950's under the leadership of Club President, Ted Hughes, the Edgewood Club sold its members $52,000 in notes for the construction of a swimming pool and dressing rooms. The truly inspiring party of the story is that the notes were not guaranteed. The donors simply agreed that if and when the Club made money, they would be repaid.

The Club raised the money in short order and in 1958 the new pool opened. Each year after that, a random group of names were selected, and the donors were paid back in full.

In 1999 the original pool was replaced with one that was better oriented to the grounds. A few years later, in 2003 new locker rooms were build, further enhancing the Club as a wonderful summer location.

Today, the pool continues to make membership happy. Members enjoy morning lap swims, water aerobics, swim instruction and clinics, morning and evening practices for our swim team, The Edgewood Electric Eels ~ 2023 Eastern Swim Association Division II Champions along with opening swimming and pool parties Memorial Day thru Labor Day.

With a wait list for membership, they continue to come. The Edgewood Club is more than simply a place to gather, swim, play, and relax. It’s a place to interact with like-minded people who understand the importance of sharing memorable experiences.​

The Edgewood Club remains the cornerstone of Pittsburgh's East End communities.

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